May 14, 2016

Life is a adventure


 My birthday was 3.4 and I turned 17 years old. I'm starting to feel a bit old to be honest because I remember it like a yesterday when I was a little kid. I have to admit that I am a little bit childish still but I don't really care because this is who I am. I want to share my " 5 things to do before I die" because this is really fun thing to tell about, so I hope you enjoy too and comment what things you want to do before you die.

I'm going to tell you my 5 special goals in life, but I'm not going to tell usual things like for example get married, have kids, travel around the world etc.

1. Princess day

I would love to live a day like a princess. Princess day for me means to be treated like a princess, I would get to wear the most beautiful dress, my hair would be curled and I could feel elegant and classy etc. I would love to own a huge diamont necklace and I am also big fan of lace.

2. Route 66

I think that everyone wants to travel but I would love to travel around America. Route 66 is my dads biggest dream in life to ride from Chicago to California. It would be about 15 days long trip but I would love to experience everyday something new, so I wouldn't mind.

3. Learn to do new hairstyles/ make-up

My hair are always straight but I only keep them down so I really want to learn do different ponytails, buns, braids etc. Someday I want to own Kylie Jenner's lipstick but also try to use different colours of lipsticks: red, brown, nude. I also want to learn to do perfect cat-eyes.

4. To overcame my fear: heights

I want to skydive at some point in my life because I scared of heights but I want to overcome that fear. My dad wants to also skydive so I would love to do it with or with my friends. I would want to try also benji-jump.

5. Coachella

Going to Coachella with my best friends: Fanny and Vanessa would be amazing. I would wear white lace dress with flowers and jewelry. I would love to dance with my best friends while good music is playing. Wish I could be there already!


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