April 22, 2017


Easy & Quick Milkshake


In this post I wanted to share you, my new favorite but also healthy drink: milkshake. I have fallen in love with it after my mom told me about it and the recipe for how to do it. Doing this milkshake takes only 5 minutes from your time, so it is great snack if you are having too busy life and it is also healthy and really easy to make. I love to drink these after a workout or when I come from a school. I usually do this milkshake for me and my sister but you can drink it by yourself too.

For this milkshake you will need 250ml greek yoghurt, 150ml berry soup like for example strawberry -, raspberry soup or you can use my favorite blackcurrant soup which gives great taste to this drink. I love this drink because you can use whatever berry soup but it still tastes good. Then you will need about 3 tablespoons of oatmeals and a drinking bottle so you can mix all these ingredients together and then it is done. 


 I hope you liked it and for me this literally has been a life savior because it is so easy but at the same time it is healthÿ. I'm thinking if I should post more food posts and next week I might post a recipe for selfmade rocky road which is delicious. If you try this I would love to hear your comments what did you like!

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