March 20, 2018


On the loose

I'm in love with Niall Horan's new song and it describes perfectly how I feel right now. Last weekend me and my girls had a birthday party and it was so much fun. I was just dancing and laughing. Today I had my last exam for matriculation examination which was a pain in ihe ass because it was swedish. But after that I went for a long and relaxing walk with my sister because my butt was hurting because of sitting for 6 hours! I also ate a piece of raspberry cake, made some popcorns and watched the newest episode of The Walking Dead. On this Thursday I'm going for my second job interview and I hope that I have a chance to get a summer job. This weekend I'm going to celebrate eveything that has happened during these stressful few weeks with my relatives and loved ones. I cannot believe that I'm turning 19 in two weeks! God I start to feel so old!



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