September 27, 2015

                                                           Welcome To My Life                   

I haven´t posted anything for a while because of high school. I have been in high school now about one month and it has been nice. On my spare time I have readed lots of school books , so it´s been busy. I have started to read spanish which has been really nice & fun.
My dream is to travel to Spain & speak spanish in there. I would also love to travel NYC, Paris, Italy & London.

                                                                My Dreams

My dream job is to be fashion designer & create my own collection. I have my own sketchbook where I draw my own fashion sketches and where I design my clothes. If I would have my own fashion collection it would be girly & I would use black, white, rose, nude for main colors. I would use lot of lace & diamonds because I love those and they make a boring oufit so much more interesting. I would also love to design big necklaces.

I get my style inspiration from Kylie Jenner & Lauren Conrad. I love Kylie Jenner´s style because she has her own unique style and she usually wears black & white like I do.
My other style inspiration is Lauren Conrad and she is a fashion designer & I have her book called Style. Lauren has really girly style. She usually wears skirts and dresses but I really loved her NYFW Kohls collection.

Lauren Conrad´s fashion line in NYFW 2015

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner
 In this month I haven fallen in love Lana Del Rey´s Honeymoon album because I have always loved Lana but the album is pure perfection. I recommed to listen Salvatore, Swan Song & Terrence Loves You from her album. My favorite movie is The Shining. I love tv-shows and my favorite tv-shows are Gossip Girl, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries etc. I have started to watch The Originals & Glee and I just love Lea Michele. She is my favorite actor and a celeb who I look up to be when I grow up.

                        My favorite song right now is "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" from Glee ♥

Hope you liked my post because I´m still working for to make my blog more better so DON´T JUDGE ♥

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