October 10, 2015

                                    My Workouts

 I´m going to tell you about how I exercise & share my 5 favorite workout videos right now.   
I have never really cared about exercise until this year. I love to workout usually at least 3-4 times a week.           
 I usually walk or cycle to school because I love how it cheers and wakes me up & i´m also bit conservationist. My favorite workouts are dancing such as zumba, yoga & cardio. I always say that exercise should be fun, not too serious because I don´t enjoy it that much. My goal for this christmas is to get a lot more flexible than I am right now & learn to do a handstand.
My favorite workout channels are:
  • Xhit
  • Fitnessblender
  • Popsugar Fitness
Xhit channel is for you if you love short but very effective workouts. Workouts usually are about 5-25 minutes long. I also love trainers from this channel because they encourage me to keep going & reach to my goal.
Fitnessblender channel is great. Fitnessblender is really comprehensive because you can do streching to 30 minute long cardios. Workouts usually are 10-50 minutes long & effective whatever youre doing.
Popsugar Fitness is fun channel because the trainers are always so positive & I just love it. Workouts might be too hard for somebody or too quick but workouts are 5-30 minutes long.
Lifting weights👊 Fitness

Here are my favorite workouts:

This workout is great for you if you dont´t have enough time. It´s for hole body & it is only about 10 minutes long but still it is really effective & makes you sweat. It works for your hole body head to toes & you also get cardio.
This workout is only for arms. If you want to have toned arms for summer, I recommend to play this video. It´s not too hard but it still challenge you & you can see the results.
This workout is only for butt. If you want to have Kim Kardashian butt, this workout is for you. It is only 5 minutes long but I swear that this will kill your legs. This is really effective workout & only after a week you start to see results from a hard work.
This workout is great for a warm up. It´s not too hard but it is still really great for your body because of jumping etc. It is only 8 minutes long but very effective.
This is my favorite workout video right now. This is yoga video & this video is 30 minutes long but it also includes warm up before yoga & streching after yoga.

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