October 31, 2015

                            Start Living Your Best Life


1. " Remember that sky is the limit."

I am a big dreamer. Dreams are the goals that make you push harder like for example school or wanting to have a perfect body for summer. Dare to dream big because you will never achieve anything if you don't dream. My biggest dream is to be a fashion designer.
dress, beautiful, and fashion -kuva

2. " Don't take life too seriously. "
This quote is a key to happiness. Life is so short & I think it is stupid that people are scared to do something that they love because of their scared. Remember if something ackward happens to you, always remember to laugh at yourself like I do if something embarassing happens to me.

3. " Be yourself everyone is already taken. "
I'm 16 years old now & I finally start to realize that I'm just as perfect as anyone else in this world. We all have our flaws but that is the thing that makes us humans. I'm might be weird, embarassing etc. person but at least I am broud to be me & that is the only thing that matters.

4. " Be you, do your own thing & work hard.  The right people who belong to your life will come to you & stay. "

This quote reminds me that it is okay if I don't have like 100 friends like somebody does. I love my 4 best friends because they accept me as who I am & I don't have to pretend anything to them. So find the real people to your life who will be there for you in hard times.

5. " Live like there's no tomorrow. "

This quote is my favorite because it is so true. People don't realize how fragile life is & don't notice each others because they have cellphones & other stuff. So remember to smile to people, listen them & tell you how important they are to you. "


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