October 17, 2015

                               Get To Know To Me

1. I´m 16 years old.
2. I live in Finland.
3. My height is 160cm.
4. My favorite movie is The Shining.
5. I love horror movies.
6. I love to zumba & yoga.
7. My natural hair colour is light brown.
8. I have a twin sister.
9. I speak fnnish,english, little bit espanol & swedish.
10. I love black & white pictures.
11. I don´t like bananas & chocolate ice cream.
12. I´m scared of cramped places.
13. I like to listen all kind of music; pop to rock.
14. My favorite artists are Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande etc.
15. I have seen One Direction in live.
16. My favorite colour is white or nude.
17. My idols are my parents & Lea Michele.
18. My dream is to become a fashion designer.
19. I love spicy & mexican food.
20. I love animals.
21. My celebrity crush is Ashton Irwin & Harry Styles.
22. My favorite tv-shows are The Originals & The Walking Dead.
23. I don´t like people who swear.
24. I don´t have Snapchat.
25. My hole name is Jasmin Kristiina Kolu.
26. My favorite holidays are Halloween & Christmas.
27. I have really curly hair & I always straight my hair.
28. I have been on abroad for 4 times.
29. My family & relatives are really important for me.
30. I love real people who don´t fake anytthing.

My favorite quote

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