November 21, 2015

Easy Beauty Tips

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1.Lemon Water
I love lemon water because it is so fresh & it really cleans your body. You can use also use for example lime, strawberrys & oranges to flavour your water if you don't like lemon.  Lemon water boostes immunite system, increases concentration, help wounds to heal faster, helps for acne, helps the body to remove toxins, helps you lose weight.

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2.Yoga & Pilates
I have fallen in love with yoga & I recommed it from Xhit. Yoga has so many benefits & the reason why I wanted to try yoga was that it makes me feel more relax & you focus to your breathing. It also makes your posture better, you will get lots of oxygen to the brain, it helps if you want to be more flexible ( after 8 weeks ), you will have less chance of heart disease etc.


I love sleeping but I admit that I don't sleep enough like 8 hours. Sleep does good for everybody, not only because it makes you more beautiful, it also has so many good benefits like for example it improves your energy, boots your creativity, helps you lose weight, reduces your stress, sharpens your attention, strenghtens your immune system, reduces your risk for depression etc.

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4.Stop Smoking
Did you know how many good things can follow if you stop smoking? Of course it makes you look younger & you will also save lots of money in a year if you stop smoking. But also your breathing gets more easier, your skin gets more brighter, you will taste everything much better, you will sleep better etc.

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Everybody knows that water is great drink because it doesn't have any sugars etc. I recommed to drink more water because it cleanses your body, flushes the digestive, toxins out of your body, helps lower blood pressure, avoids stroke or heart attack, raises energy level, helps you lose weight, promotes healthy skin etc.


6.Cold Shower
I know that no one likes cold showers but it really has lots of benefits. It will strenghten your immunite system, cleanse your circulatory, improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, contracts your muscles, eliminates toxins & it also strenghten your nervous system.


I'm always wondering why I don't smell like Victoria Secrets Love Spell or One Directions Our Moment after I have sprayd them at least 5 times all over my body. It's because you have to spray it to your pulse points like a neck & wrist because of their temparature. Also if you want that your perfume stays good for a long time, you should keep it away from light and heat like for example a closet.


                            " A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear. "



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