December 4, 2015

My Life

Hello for a long time! It's has been so busy because of high school & the exams.. I haven't writed anything for about at least 2 weeks because I have been too lazy to take my computer & write. Today I finally founded time to write to you & I wanted to write about  me & what has happened recently in my life.

I have founded new things from myself like for example I'm more confident than a year ago & I'm really broud of myself because I was really shy when I was a little. I have listened 5 Seconds Of Summer SGFG album almost everyday & fallen in love with it!! I have done almost everyday workout videos from Xhit because I just love those videos because they are really effective  & they last only about 10-15 minutes.

This week has been really nice because the exam week ended & everything is just going great in my life to be honest. I have laughed a lot this week for example because me & my sister, Vanessa, were roding with bicycles until we both felled to the ground middle of the round because the road was so slippery. I just love laughing with the people I love.


" Now matter how busy you think you are, you must find  time for reading. "

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