January 14, 2016

My Christmas Presents

I know that christmas was almost three weeks ago & you probably ask why am I doing this post this late? The answer to that question is that I have been so busy with all my school works because I'm in high school so I simply don't have time to write everyday. But I want to show you my christmas presents that I got from my family, friends & relatives. I would love to hear what did you get for christmas so comment what presents you had & let's begin.

Presents from my family

Usually when it is christmas day, me & my family go to my godmothers home where we open our presents & eat cristmas food ( except me because I don't like it ) but this christmas we started opening our presents as soon as possible. I love christmas because it is a happy day because it brings family together & it is my favorite holiday after halloween.

So in this picture you can see more closer my presents from my family. I got 6 baby lips for christmas because I just love them & my lips are really dry. I also got hand grease for my hands from my sister because I love to keep my hands soft and body grease from my friend. I also got lipstick, the blushed nudes eye shadows, earrings & beautiful pink lace bra.

If you follow me on Instagram ( @jasminkolu ) you may have seen many pictures about my nails because my mother makes them. So I got these nails for one of my christmas presents & I love them!! I wanted to have gold glitter nails because it is christmas just once in a year. I also got a ticket to 5 Seconds Of Summer concert & I am so excited to see them this year.

For this christmas I got lot of gift cards because I just simply didn't need anything special & another reason is that I love shopping & clothes. So I got 3 gift cards to my 3 favorite shops which are Bik Bok, H&M & Vero Moda because I live in Finland & here isn't much of shops like Forever 21 so I didn't have much choices but I love them anyway.

In this picture you can see gifts from my relatives from my mothers side & I did got Lea Michele's You First book, gift card & hair products from my dads family. As you can see I got pink hoodie & pink tracksuit which are really nice & comfy, baby lips, big marshmellow lollipop, feather earrings & sheets for my bed.
I hope you liked my post & I would love to hear what you got for christmas present!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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