February 9, 2016


It feels so selfish to say this but this post is about me. Don't think that I am a selfish and self-satisfied human but I wanted to write about myself & my goals in life because I realized that I haven't told so much about myself to you as I should have. I wanted this post to be positive because we all love that & I also like to think that I am a positive person.
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1. I love travelling & I wish I could do it for my work, because I love meeting new people & explore new things with my loved ones. My favorite school subjects are also english & swedish, so I love languages. I want to visit to New York, Paris, Italy, Spain & Greece. I have been abroads only 4 times, but I have loved Greece & Spain so much.
2. I want to try more new foods for this year because I am really picky about the food I eat & I also want to make more foods & cooking, because I love eating. In this year I have already made chocolate muffins, a self-made pizza base & rocky road. Those are so delicious!!
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3. I think that this is everyones goal for a new year to live healthy life & exercise more, but last year I started to exercise more & I made my own exercise program, so I just want to keep going & getting more strong. I want to learn to do different smoothies with strawberries, oats, raspberries etc. & different salads.
Me and my sister
4. I want to start posting more often because it just has been so busy because of the school & If I have time to just relax, I want to be with my loved ones. I also want to start taking more pictures of my own & I think I have improved with that. My future posts for example are how to make your life best & my workout routine.
5. My biggest goal for this year is just enjoy life & have fun with the people I love. I want to be the best version of myself, true to myself & make new friends. I want to make great memories, like I did last year because I went to One Direction concert & Zakynthos to see the famous Shipwreck Beach. I want to make myself broud & happy ♥

" Start each day with a grateful heart."


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