February 21, 2016

This year is my year

As you probably saw the title " This Year Is My Year ", this post is about you & how you can make this year the best one for yourself. I love to do things like this because those help me to reach my goals in life & help me to build the life I want. I have made two poster: My Workout Plan for 2016 & Treasure Map. My Workout Plan for 2016 is for the hole year & it includes my workout routine. Treasure map is also for the hole year & it helps to keep me motivated.

If you want to do Treasure Map or My Workout Plan for 2016, you're going to need magazines, glue, scissors, cardboard ( any colour you like ) & Computer so you can print out pictures you like from example WeHeartIt.

I started doing Dream Maps only about 3 years ago, when my mom told me about it. Usually you should do a Dream Map when  the new year starts, because it is for the hole year & the idea behind it is to tell yourself what dreams you have for the new year like for example eating more healthy, dressing more classic, smiling more.

My 2016 Dream Map is about enjoying life. I want to add more colours to my style & learn to do makeup & also new hairstyles for my hair. I also want to start baking more sweets like for example macarons. I want to show love to the people I love & try to live day by day.

My Workout Plan for 2016 is something I wanted to try to add more exercise to my life because I don't  do any hobbies. I wanted to put inspirational pictures down below because I want to see the goals for my body like for example flexible body.

 People should exercise at least 3 times a week & at least 30 minutes, so I wanted to have Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday as my workout days. I usually do workouts from Xhit, Popsugar Fitness or Fitness Blender & I do arm-, legs- & abs workout. Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday are the days when I do streching, yoga, pilates etc.

" Dreams don't work unless you do."

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