March 12, 2016


Questions from You

 In this post I wanted to you to get to know me a little better because I have noticed that I haven't told you much about me. So I told my friends that they could ask me some funny and weird questions from me.

 Who do you admire most in your life?
- I admire most my parents because they are such a good nice people & they have taught me many important things in life. I also admire Lea Michele because she really enjoys life & does what she loves to do.
Who are your style icons?
- My style icons would be Kylie Jenner, Lauren Conrad & Ariana Grande. I love how fierce Kylie is & also Kylie's different & unique clothes.  Lauren & Ariana has really girly & classic style, which I love like for example dresses & glitter.

What is your favourite song/ album/ movie/ tv-show/ actress?
- My favorite song right now is Selena Gomez Hands To Myself because it is so catchy. My favourite album would probably be Lana Del Rey's Paradise because all songs from it are so good. My favorite movie would be The Shining & I have seen it at least 4 times. My favorite tv-show is Gossip Girl. My favorite actress is Anne Hathaway.
What is your biggest dream in life?
- My biggest dream would be a dream where I am a fashion designer in New York.
Fashion sketches from WeHeartIt
 Where would you like to travel?

- I want to travel to New York, Italy, Spain, London & France.

Johnny Depp or Norman Reedus?

- I really love how good actor Johnny Depp is & how he is so talented. I have only seen The Walking Dead where Norman Reedus is, so I would choose Johnny Depp for this one.

 What kind of people do you like/ hate?

- I really love people who just are themself & show a weird side rather than just too cool & boring. I don't like  if people are fake or if they are too serious.


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