February 23, 2016

Last Saturday Night
So in this post I wanted to tell you about my last Saturday, 20.2.2015. It was the day when my grandmother & grandfather celebrated together their 70-year birthday.  I just love them both so much because my grandmother is one of my biggest idols. She is just so positive about life & I love to laugh with her everytime.
We had small party for them in my parents house. There were 10 people besides me but we are having bigger parties after two weeks. I don't know what dress should I wear.. Any ideas?
Me and my sister

Me & my family did the food & while where doing it, my father showed some pictures to my grandmother & grandfather when they were young. It was so cool to see them as a child & hear stories behind pictures. Food was delicious because we did something different than usual food.
We did pesto chicken with parma ham, self-spiced potato wedges, sweet potatoes & salad full of tomatoes, pomegranate, honeydew melon & also grapes. We also did muffins with marshmallows, nuts & chocolate chips.
 My dad plays guitar in a band with his brother & his friend, so they played couple songs for them & I loved it so much. I was so happy to hear everyone laughing & getting to spend time with the people I love & who matter me the most in life.
I love spending time with my family & family is really important for me. I always hug my loved ones because it is so nice & everybody needs a hug sometimes. Smile & say people that you love them so you can be like my grandparents when you are 70 years old.
" Live your live & forget your age."

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