July 26, 2016

Me, Myself and I

1. How would you describe yourself?
- I'm shy when it comes to new people, but with my friends, family and relatives I'm weird, stupid, kind and a loving person. I always hug everyone and say I love you because it creates more positivity in my life.
2. What is your dream job?
- This is the question, what I try to thing almost everyday. I'm creative person so fashion designer is my dream job, but I'm also interested to sign language, english and spanish.
3. What is your favorite tv-show?
- I watch almost 10 series at the same time which involves: Game Of Thrones, The O.C, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, The Walking Dead etc. If I have to choose one tv-show of these I would say that my favorite is The O.C.
4. What is your favorite movie?
- My favorite movie is The Shining, Me Before You or The Notebook. I love to watch horror movies the most, but I can almost watch everything drama to horror movies.
5. What is your 5 favorite songs at the moment?
- Enrique Iglesias- One Day At A Time
  Shawn Mendes- Ruin
  The 1975- Somebody Else
  Bryan Adams- Summer Of '69
  Selena Gomez- Kill Em With Kindness
6. Who is your favorite actor / actress?
- My favorite actor is Johnny Depp or Dylan O'Brien and my favorite actress is Anne Hathaway.
7. What things you love?
- I love to exercise, dance, my family, friends, horror movies, positive life quotes, clothes, food, spanish language etc.
8. What is your favorite quote?
- I love so many quotes but my all time favorite is " Live every moment, laugh everyday, love beyond words."



  1. Onpa kiva postausidea, tällaiset on aina mukavaa luettavaa! Tykkään myös tavastasi kirjoittaa englanniksi, moinen on varmasti opettavaa puuhaa :)

    1. Kiva että tykkäsit! :) Pidän englannista ja siinä oppii samalla kirjoittaessa :)