September 28, 2016

My Life Through Snapchat

My snapchat name is jasminkolu and I have used it only about a year. At first I didn't get the idea of it because there is already Instagram etc. My phone is so old which why I don't use snapchat filters like for example dog filter. I think it is pretty boring app to use if you don't have the filters and I think that the filters are this thing in Snapchat.
1. Photoshoot with my sister  2. Shopping in Turku  3. My best friends
1. Chicken salad  2. Me taking picture in ladies room  3. Photoshoot with my sister
I love to watch Kylie Jenner's, Eva Longoria's and Shay Mitchells' stories. I love to use black and white filter in pictures or the one with the bright colours and I usually love to post pictures about food! People who know me or have add me on Snapchat know that I post pictures of myself A LOT! I just love taking pictures whenever I feel good about myself ( even this might sound super selfish). Also I love to take landscape pictures or whatever makes me feel happy.. I don't want to share anything negative.

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