October 3, 2016

My October Playlist

I love to listen to music especially when I want to just relax and stop for a minute. My dad plays in a rock band which is the reason why I listen to everything from pop to heavy metal. I wouldn't call myself as a biggest fan of rock music but sometimes I think that those songs are so good like for example Ghost's Square Hammer. But for now I love to listen pop music and I have fallen in love with Glee and all the songs they sing in it.
  • Niall Horan- This Town
  • Shawn Mendes- Mercy
  • Justin Bieber- Let Me Love You
  • The Weeknd- Starboy ft. Daft Punk
  • Glee- Without You 
  • OneRepublic- Kids
  • Bryan Adams- Summer Of '69
  • Ellie Goulding- Still Falling For You
  • Enrique Iglesias- Loco
  • Ross Copperman- Hunger
I would love to hear what are your favorite songs right now and which song is the best one from my playlist?


  1. Tosi hyvänkuulonen soittolista sulla! :-)