April 3, 2017


My 18th Birthday Presents


I can't believe that I am officially 18- years old! During this weekend I had a two day long birthday party and I'm so happy because I got to see my loved ones which also involves my lovely goddaughter. For me growing older is something that I don't want to be too serious about because it is only age! I got so many lovely presents from everyone but I don't think that presents are the most important thing when we are celebrating our birthdays.. I think that everyone should appreciate the people who are there to grow older with you.
I love this present so much because it's like a diary but for happiness! First of all I love the idea to start a new more positive lifestyle after turning 18- years old and starting to see the bright side of all things. The book has great questions that really help you to get to know yourself like for example: What things make you happy/ unhappy?  Such a simple question but still takes a lot of time to answer and to ask for yourself " What things really make me happy?". Then I also got these beautiful positive stickers and two beautiful pens.
I also got 4x4ml Escada fragrances which all smell like summer and I'm in love with these already.
My sister gave me this Victoria's Secret body lotion because I love to use all the products from Victoria's Secret collection to feel more girly and to smell really good. I recommend to use these if you already haven't!
I got these from my parents and I'm in love! I walk to school everyday so it's nice to walk with these rather than with my heels on.
I'm in love with chokers at the moment! This is from Gina Tricot and I got this from my sister.
I got a few drinks from my relatives and this Friday I'm going to drink them all because I'm celebrating with friends. 
I also got a lot of money but I don't want to tell how much because that is something that I believe shouldn't be announced to everyone. Then I also got many beautiful cards and a giftcard. I'm also going to Greek this summer vacation which is another present from my parents and my grandmother bought me a ticket to Enrigue Iglesias concert. I'm so excited to see him! I also got a movie tickets for me and my sister. I'm so blessed to have such a lovely people around me!
What was your favorite present?


  1. Onpas ihanan näköisiä synttärilahjoja! Paljon onnea näin myöhässä :)


    1. Kiva, jos tykkäsit lahjoista ja kiitos paljon! :)

  2. Sun blogi on aivan ihana! <3 ja kivoja lahjoja sait! Just sen tyyppisiä, että itellekin kelpais, kun kohta täytän 18 :) lempparit ehkä kumminkin oli noi hajuvedet ja happiness planner!

    <3 Noora / nooraemiliaaa.blogspot.fi

    1. Kiitos paljon, tosi kiva kuulla että tykkäät blogista! :) Aikaiset onnittelut sulle jo nyt! <3

  3. Vähänkö ihania lahjoja! :)


    1. Kiva,kun tykkäät ja itsekin rakastan noita kaikkia lahjoja! :)