November 20, 2017

Work work work

Last week I was in Salon Seurahuone with my friend because of school. We both are in business-class so this was part of that. Our day was about 5 hours long and I feel like all we did was sitting and eating! There was lunch buffet full of food: salad, bread, tuna, watermelon etc. The food was amazing and ofcourse it was nice to eat for free. For food there was two choices: french onion soup and chicken-chorizo paella. I took french onion soup because the smell of it was amazing. It was the first time when I ate onion soup but also the first time I ate something without meat! But it was also really delicious! The staff was also really nice and I felt like I was part of the family because it is family business. The lunch costs about 10 euros but you can eat as much as you want. If you ever visit in Salo, I recommend to visit in this place!

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