November 22, 2017


Yesterday was one of the nicest day for a while. I spent this day with my sister and cousin. It was the first time when I took someone other to my car than my family which was really exciting! But I'm so happy that nothing didn't happen because I like to believe that I'm a good driver. First we went to watch beautiful fireworks to shopping mall and after that we went to eat to Hesburger. I don't like hamburgers so I only took salad and french fries. I know that everyone who reads this must think "You're crazy if you don't eat hamburgers!".  Then we went shopping but I didn't buy anything because I'm trying to save my money to buy christmas presents for my family and friends! After that we went bowling which was really fun and I can't believe that I lost 1 point to my sister! I also had my nails done yesterday for bowling because they were too long after 2 months! Right now I'm having a exam week in my school but I only have 2 exams so I'll think I can manage them somehow!

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