January 23, 2016

My Style

For todays post, I have thought & planned to introduce my style to you because I really love clothes & fashion and they are really close to my heart. My dream job actually would be a fashion designer because I love designing & being able to do something creative with my hands. So I have picked my 5 outfits for you, that are my favorites & which I wanted to show you. If you have your favorite outfit, comment down below!

Lace Top ( Gina Tricot ), Bag ( H&M )

1. This outfit is one of my favorites because I just love the colour of the top & It is my favorite colour so I would want this colour little bit more to my closet for this year. I also love the long collar that hides my neck because it brings unique & interesting details to this simple outfit. Bag with fringes fits great for summer with dresses & it is beautiful & interesting detail at any outfit.

Lace Peplum Top ( Nelly )
 2. I love peplum tops so much because those make your body look like a real womens body because it highlights your waist & curves & peplum tops also brings to any outfit glamour & girly vibes. This top is my favorite peplum top ( I have at least 5 peplum tops ) because it has beautiful lace in the neck area. I wanted to wear red lipstick with this outfit because I wanted to make this look classic but simple at the same time.

Lace Top ( Nelly ), Bag ( H&M )

3. I have so many lace tops but this belongs to my all time favorites. I just love the burgundy colour of it & the back of this top. In this picture, I also wore a huge necklace from Zara but you can't really see it because of the angle of view & posture. I also had little black leather bag with me where you can put for example credit cards & it is great for summer with dresses.

Top ( Bik Bok ), Earrings ( Bik Bok )

4. This outfit is really simple but at the same time I think that this describes my style really well because if I wear clothes that aren't different or has unique details, I love to add little spectacular accessories. Like for example in this picture, my big earrings that has huge diamonds or scarf, bag etc. I wear gold top because it fitted great for my earrings & also grey cardigan because the top is pretty short so I didn't want to show my belly after christmas..

Lace Shirt ( Vero Moda ), Make-up bag ( Seppälä )
5. Last but not least, I wanted to show you this lace shirt with a little purse. Black & white are the colours that I wear mostly because it is really easy to add something colourful things with it like for this one. If you already hadn't notice, I really love lace because it is so beautiful & makes any outfit more classic & stylish. The purse is really a make-up bag but I thought that It was so cute so I had to take picture with it.

" Dressing is a way of life. "


  1. Ihana tyyli! :) kolmas ja viimeinen asu miellyttää eniten omaa silmää, voisin vaikka pukea päälle :)