March 22, 2016

My Workout Routine


I want to share my workout routine for you because I have literally fallen in love with Xhit workout channel. 2 years a go I didn't do any exercise but these days I am addicted to it. I usually workout 3 times a week & about 30-60 minutes. I don't go to gym so I love to do workout videos like for example Xhit from Youtube or zumba.
This workout is my mainly workout routine that I love to do usually & I challenge yu to do it. It is about 1 hour long & it contains cardio, plank workout, abs, legs & arms.
1. I usually do this video as a warm up but there is many other videos that make you sweat & burn calories. This video lasts 11 minutes but I promise that you will feel the burn after it.
2. This workout includes only different planks but I love doing planks because you can see how you improve by coming more strong everyday. This workout is 10 minutes long but there is also little breaks so you can stretch your arms.
3. This workout is ab workout which includes for example toe touches, plank, reach throughs etc. There is 7 moves that you will go around twice & then there is plank workout. This workout lasts about 10 minutes but is really effective.
4. This workout is for inner thights & it is great before summer so you're legs look good in those jeans. This lasts 11 minutes but I will promise you that after you have done this you're legs will feel like jelly.
5. I love this workout so much & I challenge you to try this & comment how did it go! My arms are so tired after this even you don't have any other weights than you're arms. This workout is 8 minutes long but there is two breaks.