February 14, 2019

Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day to you! I've spent my Valentine mostly with my family but I also saw my friends because my winter vacation started. At first I went to eat with my sister, my mom and her sister to Antonio. I ate delicious chicken salad with roasted bread and coriander oil. For dessert we got chocolate cake with pink topping on it. Then I went to see my friend who had Penkkarit where the oldest students dress whatever they want to be for one day and throw candy everywhere. Last year I was dressed with my three friends as the Little Red Ridind Hoods. Today my friend was dressed as the piglet from Winnie the Pooh and it really stood out in a good way. I can imagine the excitement when kids saw her! Then I went home to listen BTS ( my new obsession ) and made self-made pizza. Tomorrow I'm going to watch my cousin's Wanhat. I can't wait!

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